About Me

I'm Kaiyuan Liu, I earned my bachelor degree from the University of Science and Technology of China, now I'm studying computer science at Indiana University at Bloomington. My area of interest are bioinformatics and machine learning.


  • Undergraduate, 2011.9 - 2015.7
    Bachelor Degree of Nature Science.
    University of Science and Technology of China (USTC).
    Department of Chemistry and Material Science.

  • Ph.D., 2017.8 - Now
    Indiana University at Bloomington.
    School of Informatics and Computer Science.

Brief Introductions

Experienced Technologies

  • Skilled with C, C++, C#, Python and Nodejs
  • Basic skills of F#, Java, ASM and more
  • Git, CI, Unit test and more
  • Machine learning and data mining skills
  • Frontend / Backend programming
  • Knowledge of networking and operating systems

Research Projects



The first complete spectra prediction tool.

  • Complete prediction for all peaks.
  • Support multiple charges and both HCD, ETD.

PredFull on Github

Works and Accomplishments

Extensions for Firefox, Visual studio and VSCode.

Visual Studio Extensions

VSCode Extensions

Quick Task

Quick Task will automatically trawl your project directory for task scripts, e.g. npm, gulp, shell, bat, python, ruby, powershell, perl scripts etc... and allow you to execute each task with the click of a mouse.

Over 42,000+ downloads.

Quick Task on Visual Studio market
Quick Task on Github

Firefox Extensions

Visit https://github.com/lkytal/GM for more information.